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Here are the services we offer

Software Development

Coggle Technologies is having qualified software developers who will design, test and install an affordable and efficient customised software solution for your medium and small business. In fact, our expertise is widely recognised within the IT industry and many independent IT consultants and developers outsource their customised software to us.

Knowledge and Experience

Coggle Technologies has a well qualified team of IT development specialists and programmers on hand to ensure that we have the resources to manage your software development project efficiently. We are also IT software project management specialists and understand the importance of gaining a thorough understanding of your needs and expectations before the project begins. We also appreciate the need to maintain close communication with your own internal IT specialists to ensure that they are kept informed during every stage of the project. In short, our client management policy is one of “no nasty surprises”

Reliable and Cost Effective

Our objective in developing customised software is always to provide a reliable and cost effective solution which is compatible with your existing or specified systems, complies with the highest industry quality assurance standards and is tested and installed on time. This means that if you have a specific IT function in mind and can’t find the program you want off the shelf, you no longer have to compromise. Coggle Technologies customised software can be designed, tested and installed at a price that is very competitive with off the shelf solution.

Web Designing & Hosting

It is now more critical than ever that your website produce results for you. This means that your website design must look professional, be easy-to-navigate and search engine friendly. Are you ready to get a website design that will be more effective for your business?

Call us today at +91-422-4397980 or contact us for a FREE no obligation quote on a new website design or a redesign of your current site. We have helped many companies compete with the big boys on the smallest of website design budgets. Even if you are a small one-person operation, your website can still be designed to make you look larger than you are.

Software Consulting Service

Coggle Technologies is home to one of the industry's most proficient, integrated teams of consulting professionals, whose experience and credentials are aligned with your current and future needs.

We offer a diversity of talents and methodologies that enable your company to fully leverage your investments in established and emerging technologies and get you to market when you need to be there - fast and first.