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eBag – Retail Solution

eBag is a retail software which is best suitable for automobile store, departmental store, paint shop, fruit shop, and general trading.

iSoft - Foundry Management

Our iSoft is foundry management software, which has features work flow management, job order, material inward, material delivery, material outward, invoice, and quality ratings.

Campus – College Management Solution

Campus is a complete ERP solution of colleges and schools. The basic module contains fees management, student management and accounts. Further modules you can avail as add-on pack.

Cargo Trans – Logistics / Fleet Management S/W

Cargo Trans is a logistics and fleet management software and it is well suitable for small and medium size companies.

Quick Fix – Civil Construction (ERP)

The software QuickFix is an integrated solution for civil construction. It offers various solutions to civil engineering such as centralized purchase, material handling, labour schedule, accounts, plan & elevation, project management and reinforcement.

Cute – Sales Force Automation

The Cute, sales force automation software is a well suited for marketing companies and manufacturing companies. It has features like executive management, trip sheet, order management and executive performance.